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Friday, October 29, 2010


Heey blog! Не всё удачно. Я хотела выложить фото которые сделал сегодня и перед этим решила скачать одну программу на мой компьютер,которая нужна была мне. Видимо я не расчитала,что у меня может закончиьтся траффик...да так и есть,это ужасно..но я не могу понять как  я могу иметь такую большая задолженоость?! сейчас пока я ещё не вышла с инт ренета я могу быть тут,но не могу загрузить фото=( и тем более задолженность всё растёт..=( как скоро положу деньги на мой интернет,загружу всё что должна...но это так печально что я не могу сделать это сейчас...=(
See u.kiss!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


haha опять возвращаясь из школы я сново купила это. только на этот раз уже место Pepsi, это Mirinda. Мне кажется что у меня уже зависимость хаха, я просто уже не могу без этого питания...если я уже один день пропущу без чипсов,у меня начинается ломка хаха...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Omg he come back!! aww i cant believe, i have so much emotions now...he is so change and i'm very glad to see him again..its amazing^^


Сменила дизайн блога,надоел старый уже,ну вроде неплохо выглядит...сочетание розового с белым...пока оставлю..
хаха наконец это моё первое русское сообщение в блоге..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Top Model

                          Ohh i'm very like this TV-Show. The most favoutite^^ mm Jay, Tayra ahh..
ahh Jay^^
Hello! I came from school and i very tired for this studies day. At the way at home i come in shop and bought unhealthy eat, but it so delecious.
Hallo blog! today had amazing day and i love my evening walk with him. so look my hair for today:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hi blog! today i had shopping but nothing buy=( its awful. also today was my first day after color my hair and when i went on afternoon light i saw that my hair very white and i dont know that  its good or not?! i'm unaccustomed to it still haha

Tokio Hotel Take EMAs To The Next Level!

Tokio Hotel arrives at the MTV EMAs in Berlin on Thursday (November 5) as frontman Bill Kaulitz sports a major mohawk.
so sexy gaze

ohh this brothers,they are gorgeous^^

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New colour!

So look my hair now.i like this colour.

Hallo! day was good and some hours ago i arrived from our school disco. we had fun good. and also in evening we have conceert in school where our guys danced hip-hop dance.everybody was catching. all school to talk about it. the music was from Step up 3...i think that they will be have a great future!!!
ok i want to show u some fotos which i did after dance. haha i so funny and tired here. fotos was taken from mobile!
haha in different moments

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Omg i hate...why they do it so?! it so inconveniently..haha status together with wall=\

Whi this is?!
                                                 I have new lipstik today. it soft pink colour.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I came at home and see this one piece of  watermelon. hm i think that it anyone from my relations to leaved for me.haha


Its my telefon!

Samsung S5620

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Find some fotos from concert at other people^^

leave our signature for KIT-I^^  

in pink round My^^ its all for KIT-I


Ohh its so cool that he like Minsk. we wait them once again
Hello! today i havent some outstanding moments, dad=( day is not good and weather bad. all was usually in school,so soon we will have holidays, but my marks are not good and its awful...i try to improve it! see u later

Monday, October 18, 2010

♥Remembrance♥ 14.10.2010

With my friend Kattie in this amazing Day^^
14.10.2010 ;KIT-I and NorWay bands!; R-Club!

14.10.2010 ;KIT-I  band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ;KIT-I  band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ;KIT-I and  band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ;KIT-I and  band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ; NorWay band!; R-Club!
Vadim, I and Kate!
14.10.2010 ; NorWay band!; R-Club!
Vova & I!
14.10.2010 ; NorWay band!; R-Club!
I & Vadim
aww the drummer of KIT-I take me autographs^^its was antastic^^

14.10.2010 ; KIT-I and NorWay band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ; KIT-I and NorWay band!; R-Club!
14.10.2010 ;  NorWay band!; R-Club!
Autographs MEEEE!
14.10.2010 ; NorWay band!; R-Club!
To take autographs

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home slippers

my mama bought me this nice home slippers^^
yeahh today!finally we wait till this concert.aww its our ticket to KIT-I band!

Friday, October 15, 2010

So delecious!

After school i and my friend went at home to her!. We so gorge haha. pizza  and cake was so so delicious. all were iike an American life.hah


No school!

hm..i dont came on the 1th lesson. It was Math and i dont want go on it. i hate it=\ my teacher nothing said. but at home i dont know what i can do...and so i take funny pictures with me. i amuse me haha omg - ->|

That was in school. haha what it is?

Gliss Kur

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Oh my mama present me parfume today^^ Some hours ago. Its me very pleasure and i'm very glad. mmm^^
so fresh and soft...


when my friend  came to Ucraine, she  brought me delicious gum.haha We havent so in Minsk.


Very good for different partys.

Home things!

my dvd. its very comfortable if u want to lie in u'r bed or on the sofa and and watch dvd.

haha my aquariums fish. they are funny.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Pink lips gloss.Good on the lips.

My favourite.
More favourite gloss & lipstik.

haha Johnsons baby^^

Nivea young.

Parfume Moschino.